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Heosemys grandis

General description of the species
Heosemys grandis bibliography
Key to identifying Heosemys species
Locations of Giant Asian pond turtles in zoos and wildlife parks around the world
Catalog of Giant Asian pond turtles in museum collections
Jackson ratio for Heosemys grandis
Excerpt from J.E. Gray's article, Additional notes on the form of the bones in the sternum of very young tortoises, and their development (1873)
Breeding records in the Netherlands
Incubation temperature and sex determination
Dietary requirements of Asian turtles
Major confiscations of Heosemys grandis
Soortbeschrijving van de reuzenaardschildpad
'Giant Asian pond turtle' in Khmer, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Russian, Hungarian, Swedish, Slovak, Polish, Spanish, Danish, Italian, German, French, Dutch, Czech, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai, Chinese, Chinese (simplified) and in Vietnamese.

Turtle stuff

metric Jackson ratio calculator (g - cm)
imperial Jackson ratio calculator (lbs - inches)
The word 'turtle' in different languages
List of plants that are toxic or harmful to reptiles
Taiwanese turtles (including hybrids)
Turtle videos
Pictures of different turtle species


Volume, temperature, weight and length converters
Khao Sok national park Thailand
Burgers Zoo Arnhem, 24 januari 2009
Artis, Amsterdam 27 oktober 2008
Zoo Antwerpen 19 september 2008
Blijdorp 19 juli 2008

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