Heosemys.org forum rules

General forum rules

• The golden rule of heosemys.org is: be friendly and respect others.
Heosemys.org is ad-free. We do not permit advertising of third party services or websites, except in the cases referred to below.
• This site does not have an off-topic subforum. Try to keep your posts on-topic and relevant.
• If you have a personal conflict with another user, settle it off-list, not in the forums, and preferably not in private messages either.
• By 'content' we mean: forum messages, attachments, links, private messages, profile data, avatars and web pages.
• By submitting content to this forum, you are granting heosemys.org, and any successive forum, or any successive future technology, the right to publish or delete it.
• By submitting content to this forum, you are granting other users of this forum the right to quote or repost it on the forum, with a reference to you.
• The copyright of your forum contributions is yours.
• We do not permit:
   - sexual or offensive language or content.
   - harassment of other users.
   - abuse or disruption of our forum.
   - the replication of any content of this site on other websites. A Fair Use Policy applies.
• The moderators and administrators reserve the right to deny the service to anyone who violates the forum rules.

Posting messages

• Bumping or replying to old topics is allowed.


• In principle, any username is allowed.
• Impersonating other people is not allowed.
• Spaces in usernames are allowed. Usernames are not case sensitive. Passwords are case sensitive.


The marketplace is used only for trading or exchanging Heosemys grandis.
• Commercial traders are allowed to advertise, but only Heosemys grandis.
Heosemys.org does not support or facilitate illegal trade in turtles.
• In case of suspected illegal trade on this forum, heosemys.org will cooperate with CITES and law enforcement authorities.
• Illegal turtle trade is one of our greatest concerns and may be discussed on the forums. Links to dubious sites are allowed in this specific context.

Private messages

• Private messages may be off-topic; all other forum rules apply.
• The moderators and administrators reserve the right to check private messages for rule violations.

Posting links

• Signature links to commercial sites are allowed, unless the site linked to contains illegal or offensive content.
• Signature links must be relevant to this forum.

Posting images

• Uploaded image files cannot be larger than 1 MB.


• Your personal information is safe. Heosemys.org does not supply a user's personal data to anyone without the explicit consent of the user, except in the case of suspected illegal activity or in the case of a blatant violation of forum rules.


Heosemys.org is not responsible for any content posted by forum users.
• The responsibility for forum content lies with the original posters.